Smoking and Drinking has reduced among children in the last 20 years, says an HBSC report.

A report by The Health Behaviour in School-aged Children found out that there has been a huge fall in the number of children who smoke and drink. Report points out that there had been a drop of 17% from 22.6% children in 1998 to 5.3% children in 2018. Drinking habits also had fallen from 33% in 1998 to 19% in 2008 among children.

The research is carried out by Aoife Gavin in collaboration with HBSC research team. This study is done every four years with support from WHO regional office in Europe. The study also puts out an optimistic future which announces a more healthy future generation.

Junior health minister Frank Feighan hopes that the data which comes out through this study will help to shape the health and wellbeing of children and youth. Children’s minister Roderic O’Gorman feels proud on the way their children are heading in the path of health. He feels that the initiatives took by the government in supporting health and better life style are having positive impacts.

The reports also points out areas which needs more improvement. One major problem reported by the children and youth are the excess pressure of works given from the school authorities.

“The children’s department has increased funding for youth services which is aimed to bring out a positive impact. A Support Children Campaign has been setup in February which aims to outline the service available for children and families during the pandemic” Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman said.

Source: WHO Regional office of Europe

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