Spring Booster Vaccination

Ireland Launches Spring Booster Vaccination Program Against Covid-19

In a bid to fortify defenses against Covid-19, Ireland is set to kickstart its Spring Booster Vaccination Program on Monday. This initiative, led by the HSE (Health Service Executive), aims to provide booster shots to bolster immunity, particularly among vulnerable groups. The program targets several key demographics, including individuals aged 80 and above, five-year-olds with … Read more

Investigation Intensifies Into Nursing Home Staff Negligence In Resident Deaths During Covid Pandemic

DUBLIN: An investigation into cases where residents died due to alleged negligence by nursing home staff during the COVID-19 pandemic has gained momentum. Complaints have been lodged against approximately 30 nursing homes, accusing them of causing grossly negligent deaths. During the initial two years of the pandemic, one-third of all COVID-19 fatalities occurred within nursing … Read more

State entitled to refuse Malaysian students entry to Ireland for online course, court rules

The State was entitled to refuse two Malaysian students permission to land in Ireland to study online courses here, the Court of Appeal has ruled. Chain Wen Wei and Tang Ting Ting arrived at Cork Airport in December 2020, during a “Level 3” lockdown, to take up an English language course that moved online due … Read more

WHO declares Covid-19 is no longer global health emergency

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that Covid-19 no longer represents a global health emergency, a major step towards the end of the pandemic that has killed more than 6.9 million people, disrupted the global economy and ravaged communities. The global health agency’s emergency committee met on Thursday and recommended the UN organization declare an … Read more

HSE to start spring Covid-19 booster programme

A spring Covid-19 booster immunisation scheme will be launched by the Health Service Executive (HSE) for specific groups. The initiative is available to those who are at least 70 years old, residing in long-term care homes for seniors, and those with weakened immune systems who are at least five years old. A booster shot can … Read more

Over 70% of doctors in Ireland have experienced burn-out since the Covid-19 pandemic

According to a recent poll, after the Covid-19 outbreak, more than 70% of doctors in Ireland have suffered burn-out. A psychiatric syndrome known as burn-out comprises emotional exhaustion, a sense of cynicism and detachment from one’s work, as well as a feeling of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment. 1,082 doctors responded to an IMO survey … Read more

Covid-19 vaccines extended to children aged six months

Children from six months old to four years old can now receive the Covid-19 vaccine according to updated guidance from the NIAC. The HSE has announced that starting on Monday, they will schedule appointments for Covid-19 vaccinations for kids between the ages of six months and four. Starting today, appointments can be made through www.hse.ie. … Read more

Zero rating of VAT to remain on Covid testing kits

Covid-19 testing kits will continue to be exempt from taxes, according to the government. The Minister for Finance Michael McGrath TD has announced that VAT on supplies of Covid-19 testing kits which has been subject to a temporary zero rate up until 31 December 2022 as a result of an EU Commission derogation, will be … Read more

Around 66,000 workers still waiting on €1,000 pandemic bonus payment

The €1,000 frontline worker recognition payment for Covid-19 is still being received by approximately 66,000 people. Health Minister Stephen Donnelly stated more than 190,000 workers are eligible for the tax-free payment while speaking to the Oireachtas Health Committee. He acknowledged that approximately 124,000 people have so far received the payment. As a token of appreciation … Read more

India cancels Air Suvidha forms for international passengers

The Indian aviation ministry declared that the self-declaration form that incoming international passengers had to complete on the Air Suvidha portal has now been eliminated. The move, as claimed by the government, was made in light of the drop in coronavirus cases and significant improvements in Covid-19 vaccination coverage both globally and in India. The self-declaration … Read more

Minister for Health reveals more than half a million bivalent Covid-19 booster vaccines have now been administered

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has announced that more than 500,000 bivalent vaccines have been administered since these vaccines were introduced on 3 October. In total, 725,000 primary and booster vaccine doses have been administered since 15 August, when the 2nd booster programme was expanded to the over-50s, healthcare workers and the clinically vulnerable. … Read more

People with long-term health conditions invited for Covid booster vaccine

Healthcare professionals and individuals with long-term health conditions between the ages of 12 and 49 are asked to schedule an appointment for their second Covid-19 booster injection. An HSE vaccination centre, participating GPs, or participating pharmacies are all places to schedule your next booster if you are over 50 or pregnant for more than 16 … Read more

About 30% of Covid deaths occurred in nursing homes – CSO

According to the most recent data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), less than 30% of Covid-related deaths happened in nursing homes across the nation. 29 percent of Covid deaths between March 2020 and February 2022 occurred in nursing homes, while 59 percent were attributed to general or orthopaedic hospitals. Leitrim reported the lowest Covid … Read more

Minister for Health announces updates to Ireland’s Covid-19 vaccination program

The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has accepted new recommendations in relation to Ireland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme. The recommendations were made by the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) to the Interim Chief Medical Officer (CMO), who has endorsed these recommendations. NIAC has recommended: a first mRNA booster vaccine for those aged 5-11 years who are … Read more

Nearly 4,000 people receiving illness benefits for long covid

Almost 4,000 people have received illness benefits for long covid after receiving enhanced illness benefits (EIB) for up to 10 weeks prior. According to the Irish Examiner report, 3,783 people suffering from long covid received illness benefit, while 478,485 people received a short-term work-related covid payment called enhanced illness benefit. The maximum weekly payment for EIB … Read more