Yuno Energy Cuts Electricity Rates for New Customers in Ireland

Yuno Energy, the emerging player in Ireland’s energy sector, has announced a significant reduction in electricity rates for new customers. Effective immediately, the revised rate stands at 23.69% inclusive of VAT per kilowatt, marking a substantial 6% decrease from the previous rate.

This move comes as part of Yuno Energy’s commitment to providing affordable energy solutions to consumers across Ireland. New connections initiated from May 13 onward will benefit from this fixed rate for the next 12 months, offering stability and savings in the long run.

Since its inception in August last year, Yuno Energy has been making waves in the market, continually striving to offer competitive pricing and exceptional service. This latest rate cut marks the fifth time the company has adjusted its rates, underscoring its dedication to delivering value to customers.

Yuno Energy’s initiative aligns with recent efforts within the industry to drive down electricity costs, ultimately benefiting consumers nationwide. As households and businesses seek reliable and cost-effective energy solutions, Yuno Energy emerges as a compelling choice, prioritizing affordability and customer satisfaction.

In a landscape where energy prices fluctuate, Yuno Energy stands out as a steadfast partner, offering transparent pricing and unwavering commitment to customer-centric policies. With this latest rate reduction, the company reaffirms its position as a leader in the quest for accessible and sustainable energy solutions in Ireland.

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