Elderly woman awarded €100,000 after she took a spill in Co Meath restaurant

An elderly Canadian woman has been awarded €100,000 for the injury caused by a fall in a restaurant in Co Meath in 2011. Catherine McKinnon (73) from Prince Edward Island was travelling Ireland 10 years ago and on June 11, she took a spill on the ornamental timber bridge at Thai Orchid Restaurant, Navan which caused serious injuries to her hip and shoulder.

McKinnon later sued the restaurant for not warning her about the possible fall on the bridge and for not adding adequate illumination on the steps of the bridge.

The retired teacher and pensioner was on a trip to explore her Irish roots with her three adult children but the unfortunate incident impacted her life badly and the after effects of the injury are irreversible now, it was told in the court. After the fall she could get up but later was unable to walk and rushed to the hospital.

There she had a partial hip surgery an spent 12 days in the hospital. After returning to Canada, fractures to left shoulder was also been found out.

Mr. Justice Hanna observed the activities of Ms. McKinnon was limited following the incident and caused serious impact on her life. Meanwhile the court also showed sympathy to the restaurant owner Mr. Mullen as he just got back on his feet after the pandemic.

In the verdict, the Ms. McKinnon was awarded €50,000 for pain and suffering to date and another €50,000 for pain and suffering in the future.

Source: Breaking News.ie

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