Expert reports points out that all political parties have breached the data protection laws at any point of time

Data protection and retention expert TJ McIntyre, through his report, said that most political parties in Ireland have breached data protection rules. He said that there is no element of surprise in this detail and all parties may have done this at any point in the course of time.

Prof. McIntyre, the chair of Digital Rights Ireland said that denying the websites by the political parties are also a breach of online privacy laws accepted by the EU. Following this, the Data Protection Commissioner asked the parties for information on how they protects their online data.

Mary Lou McDonald of Sinn Feinn had accepted that the party had breached data protection laws however thr Abu system took information only from the electoral register. The websites of Green Party, Social Democrats, Fianna Fail, Fine Gail etc. were not working according to the GDPR rules and guidelines.

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