Indian Origin students, Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar wins top prize at BT Young Scientist

The two Indian Origin students, Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar have won the overall award in the 2022 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition after they devised a new method of solving the Bernoulli Quadrisection Problem..

Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar, both aged 15, took home the top prize for their project entitled “A New Method of Solving the Bernoulli Quadrisection Problem.”

The brilliant students solved “the Bernoulli quadrisection problem”, a problem in Euclidean geometry, by applying modern computation methods. They used the technique of “particle swarm optimisation”, a computer algorithm inspired by biological phenomena seen in the behaviour of flocks of birds or swarms of bees.

The Bernoulli quadrisection problem seeks to decide how a triangle may be split into four regions of equal area by drawing two perpendicular lines through it.

“Although the problem may look very simple, it is in fact very hard,” Aditya Kumar said.

He said he was “speechless and happy” following the announcement of their win; the culmination of six months intensive study.

“Six months of work paid off in the end, over Christmas holidays, every holiday pretty much, we were working,” Aditya Joshi said.

The students win €7,500 and will represent Ireland at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists in September 2022.

The judges were “highly impressed by their elegant work, their creative ideas and their excellent presentation skills”,The students presented a new approach to a problem that dates back to 1687, while also identifying areas of possible application in contemporary engineering.” said Prof Pat Guiry, chairman of the group chemical, physical and mathematical sciences judging panel.

Micheál Martin has congratulated Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar in a tweet.

“Well done to Aditya Joshi, 15, and Aditya Kumar, 16, on winning top prize in this year’s


An outstanding achievement. Thank you to the more than 1000 students who participated in this year’s event, and all those who won awards.”

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