Ireland Faces Refugee Influx Through Northern Ireland Amid Border Challenge

In response to inquiries from Senator Robbie Gallagher, Justice Minister Helen McEntee disclosed that over 80% of refugees entering Ireland are traversing through Northern Ireland, emphasizing the absence of a border. Coordination with UK authorities and Northern Ireland’s police force has been initiated to address this pressing issue.

With more than 5,000 asylum applications this year, Ireland emerges as a secondary destination for over half of these individuals. In light of new EU migration regulations, Ireland considers the option of financial contributions to mitigate accepting additional asylum seekers, foreseeing a €12 million expense to opt out of receiving 648 refugees under the Solidarity system, effective from 2026.

Efforts to streamline asylum processing include a 90-day timeframe, with Nigeria representing the highest number of applicants this year. Despite a safe countries list including nations like Albania and Algeria, refugees from Palestine and Asian countries are also among those seeking refuge, highlighting the complexity of Ireland’s asylum landscape.

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