Ireland’s Car Market Shows Growth, but Electric Vehicle Sales Dip

Ireland’s car market saw a notable uptick, growing by 8% compared to the previous year. However, amidst this overall growth, there’s a concerning trend: electric vehicle (EV) sales have taken a dip.

Recent reports reveal that in the first quarter of 2024, 62,807 cars were newly registered in the country, marking a significant increase from the same period last year, which saw 58,151 registrations. Surprisingly, sales of EVs plummeted by 14.2% during this timeframe, with only 7,971 EVs registered compared to 9,297 in the previous year.

On the flip side, sales of petrol cars surged by 14.8%, regular hybrids by 19.5%, and petrol/plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) by 10.7%. Diesel car sales also experienced a boost of 9%.

Breaking down the numbers further, petrol cars accounted for 33.4% of new registrations, diesel for 23%, hybrid for 22.77%, EV for 12.7%, and PHEV for 8.1%.

Experts analyzing these figures emphasize that a complete shift to electric vehicles will require time. They advocate for increased government incentives for EVs, expansion of charging infrastructure, and advancements in technology by car manufacturers to drive the growth of the EV market.

The data underscores the complexities of transitioning to sustainable transportation and highlights the need for concerted efforts from various stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in Ireland.

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