Trinity College Dublin Ends Ties with Israel Following Student Protest

Trinity College Dublin has agreed to sever all ties with Israel after a week-long student protest. The demonstration, sparked by Israel’s actions in Gaza, saw students blocking campus entrances. Their demand for the university to cut all connections with Israel and Israeli companies was met after discussions with authorities.

The student union, supported by the protestors, hailed the agreement as a partial victory but pledged to continue until all demands are met. Trinity College officials confirmed the decision to terminate ties with Israeli companies, expected to be finalized by June.

Laszlo Molnarfi, president of the college union, lauded the outcome as unprecedented. He emphasized the protest’s commitment to the freedom of Palestine and hailed it as a testament to grassroots power.

The blockade’s end allows public access to Trinity College’s renowned Book of Kells, a medieval manuscript that had been inaccessible to tourists during the protest.

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