‘True East’ A ‘true’ Indian ghee made in Ireland now available on the market

Ghee has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian cooking, Ayurvedic rituals, and Hindu religious ceremonies. Now it’s time to prepare more recipes with intrinsic Indian-style ghee made in Ireland.

True East Ghee, traditional Indian-style ghee made in Ireland, is now available on the market.

True East Ghee is made from melted butter produced by indigenous cows of Ireland.

True East is currently available at all Asian stores, ALDI, SuperValu, and Health Stores in Ireland.

Healthy fat-rich ghee is made with purely vegetarian flavors.

This ghee can be used for making bakery products and fries as well as for general cooking.

The price is 5.99 euros per 230 grams.

The manufacturing facility is located at Dunshaughlin Business Park in County Meath.

Distributors in Asian Shops Top in Town Trading.  https://topintown.ie/



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