A 12% fall in the energy emissions in Ireland recorded during the Covid 19 pandemic

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland had published a data showing that a 12% fall has been recorded in energy related carbon emissions during the Covid 19 pandemic. This means that emissions from fossil fuels used for energy were the lowest since 1993 and were 31% below 2005 levels

Oil products which are used for transport accounted for the largest reduction in energy use with overall energy use falling by 9.2%. The largest reduction in oil products was in jet kerosene down by 64.4%, road diesel down by 13.6% and petrol down by 24.1%. In the last year 42% of electricity generated was from renewable sources and 36.1% was from wind.

There had been a good move from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles which was and will remain a main factor to solve vehicle emissions for the next 5-10 years. Addition of more renewable sources in the energy sector is also welcomed in making the country more pollution free.

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