Agricultural consultants announce 130 jobs

The Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA) has announced the creation of 130 new jobs over the next year.

Consultants umbrella body the Agricultural Consultants Association said 80 of the jobs will be in advisory positions and 50 in administration.Recruitment has already begun.

The new staff are expected to be employed across the country on long-term contracts.

Agriculture and environment graduates are among those being sought as agri consultants gear up to assist farmers with applications for grants and with compliance schemes in the new Common Agriculture Policy being introduced in January.

ACA said that it “firmly believes” the adoption of climate change measures and technologies on farms will not occur without the expertise of agricultural graduates.

ACA President Noel Feeney said their members are delighted to be expanding at a critical time for farmers in the country.

“The creation of these roles means more farmers will be able to prepare for significant changes coming down the tracks, especially in regard to the Common Agricultural Policy.We are proud that the roles will be spread across the country and give a boost to regional communities throughout Ireland.”

ACA currently has over 170 member offices which employ around 280 agricultural and environmental professionals, along with 200 people in administration and technical positions.

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