Capel Street- The Longest Traffic-Free Street In Dublin

Capel Street is now a traffic-free street, making it the longest pedestrianised street in Dublin.

Capel Street is now a traffic-free street, apart from deliveries that will take place between 6 am to 11 am. For the first 2 weeks, traffic management will be on-site. The on-site traffic management is for the people to get used to the changes.

2,500 car parking spaces still exist around Capel Street and access to all the car parks has been maintained. 

Emergency vehicles will have access to the street at all times and cycling will also still be allowed.

The street will be bisected by the Luas at Abbey Street Upper and Mary’s Abbey, with local access also permitted across the intersection as reported by RTE news. This move will make Capel Street the longest pedestrianised street in the capital, ahead of Grafton Street and Henry Street.

As part of the Dublin City Council Parks and Biodiversity Play Development Strategy, there is also an invitation to play on Capel St. and they include games such as I Spy, hopscotch, and shadow play.

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