Chinese space agency defends the crash landing of the debris of their blasted spacecraft

China defends the handling of their rocket after it faultered and it’s core part had fallen into the Indian ocean. They said that US space agency and other authorities had handled it very unfairly. China had been accused by other space agencies on their careless approach on allowing their blasted spacecraft to land on earth which may cause huge damages to people and property.

The Chinese space agency had explained that most of the core part was burnt up before falling into the ocean near Maldives. They had been tracking the trajectory and we’re sure it wont crash into the land surface.

They also made the US space agency remember the crash of their rocket, which was glorified as ‘shooting stars which lit up the sky’ and they treat the same situation by China in a very harsh manner. They expressed their willingness to work with other agencies including US to explore more on outer space but they will seriously oppose double standards by all in this issue.

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