Discovery Of Snake In Lucan-Gardaí Issues Appeal

A bright yellow corn snake was discovered in Lucan, Dublin on Sunday by the Gardaí. After safe-keeping the snake at Lucan Garda station, it was transferred to National Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Ballivor.

The Gardaí posted on Facebook: “This snake, believed to be a snow corn snake, was found in Lucan yesterday evening and was taken to Lucan Garda Station where it was looked after for the night before being transferred to the National Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Ballivor earlier today.”

Kevin Cunningham, the manager of the National Exotic Animal Sanctuary told RTÉ: “The gardaí who brought the snake here named it Lucan after the suburb where it was found. We don’t know yet if it is male or female but Lucan is being warmed up on a heat pad in a vivarium at the moment and has settled in well.”

“It has a few minor injuries but is otherwise in good condition,” he added.

Mr Cunningham said that because Lucan is technically lost property, “we will have to keep him here for a year and a day – unless someone comes forward to claim him in the meantime”.

He said that when people lose snakes, “often they are a bit reluctant to admit it has happened and tell their neighbors”.

The sanctuary’s newest arrival will be treated to a dinner of defrosted frozen mice later – “for snakes, that meal is one of their favorites, a bit like steak and chips for humans,” he added.

The good news is that corn snakes are not dangerous and are among the most common breed of snakes kept in Ireland.

“They come in a variety of colors due to breeding,” said Mr. Cunningham.

The National Exotic Animal Sanctuary is currently being renovated so has very few snakes at present but at peak times, can house as many as 50 or more snakes.

Mr. Cunningham explained that snakes who escape outside during the winter tend to curl up somewhere safe and warm until the weather heats up.

“They are great escape artists – but people may not like to hear that!

“They are cold-blooded so when it heats up outside, they emerge from their hiding place to bask in the sun. That is why this time of year is when snakes are most likely to be found.”

“If anyone has information on ownership, please contact Lucan Garda Station on 01 6667300.”- From the Gardaí Facebook post.

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