Electric Ireland Acknowledges Overcharging 48,000 Customers, Promises Refunds

In a recent revelation, Electric Ireland, the country’s largest energy supplier, admitted to overcharging approximately 48,000 electricity and gas customers. The company reported its mistake in bill calculations to the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). Over the course of 12 months until August 2023, customers were erroneously billed, resulting in an average overcharge of €23 per bill.

Following this revelation, Electric Ireland has taken steps to rectify the situation. The company has not only refunded the overcharges to affected customers but also offered compensation to those overcharged by more than €40. Former customers who incurred losses will be refunded by October, and any unrecoverable funds will be donated to charity.

Electric Ireland attributed the billing errors to a calculation mistake regarding discounts and a delay in billing for some customers. While the CRU stressed that the overcharging was unintentional, they also reminded Electric Ireland of previous billing delays. CRU ensures that all affected customers will be fully refunded.

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