International Olympic Committee urges members to cancel events in Russia or Belarus

The International Olympic Committee, angry at the Russian invasion of Ukraine breaching the “Olympic Truce,” is urging all international sports federations to cancel their forthcoming events in Russia.

“The IOC EB (executive board) today urges all international sports federations to relocate or cancel their sports events currently planned in Russia or Belarus,” reads the IOC statement.

“They should take the breach of the Olympic Truce by the Russian and Belarussian governments into account and give the safety and security of the athletes absolute priority.”

In addition, the IOC EB also urged that no Russian or Belarussian national flag be displayed and no Russian or Belarussian anthem be played in international sports events which are not already part of the respective World        

Besides, the UEFA executive committee held an emergency meeting on Friday and has decided to move the Champions League final from St Petersburg to Paris.

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