Dublin’s Livestream Portal with New York Turned Off Due to Inappropriate Behavior

Dublin’s video portal to New York has been turned off again due to inappropriate behavior. The two-way livestream, which connects North Earl Street in Dublin with 5th Avenue in New York, gained global attention when it was set up last Wednesday. However, it has faced issues with people in Dublin displaying offensive content.

Since its installation, some individuals in Dublin have been flashing body parts, showing pornographic footage, and displaying images of the 9/11 attacks to viewers in New York. This behavior has forced the portal to be shut down twice this week, with the latest shutdown expected to last several days.

Behavioral psychologist Padraig Walsh commented on the situation, noting that such behavior is not surprising in a crowd setting. He explained that people often act on primal instincts in the presence of a giddy or excited crowd, leading to actions like flashing or mooning.

A technical solution to blur inappropriate images was tested but found unsuitable. Dublin City Council reports that the team behind the portal is exploring other options. The portal, humorously dubbed the “portal-oo,” is expected to remain off until later this week while solutions are considered.

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