EU asks Irish Government to simplify mandatory quarantine measures

The European Commission had asked the Irish Government to rethink on their mandatory quarantine rules. EC calls for a less restrictive measure which exempts people who travel for essential purposes. More clarity should be made in these rules especially for people coming from other EU member countries.

EC believes that the Irish mission of protecting public health in the pandemic situation could be well achieved even if they lift some restrictions and make it more simpler. They asked the Irish authorities to follow the council recommendations in which other member states have agreed to.

Minister of Justice Helen McEntee replied that they will consider the concerns of EC but mandatory quarantine has been introduced to protect people and control the spread of the virus. She also said that they have a very clear criteria for red-listing countries.

She explained that the hotel quarantine only lasts for 12 days and not for a pretty extended period. Going forward to less restrictive measures will make people feel that the impact of the virus is very low. The government is planning to let off people who come into the State who have a Covid negative certificate or complete vaccination.

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