Fake text messages offering booster shots to public circulating in Ireland; HSE and Gardai issue warning

The HSE and Gardai have issued a warning about a fake text message circulating in the country offering Covid booster shots to the public. The messages come from different numbers which claim booster shots can be booked now. The message also contains links which are claimed to be of booking website.

A spokesperson for the HSE reminded the public it does not charge for Covid-19-related services, including vaccinations, and texts indicating otherwise should be ignored. 

The gardai warns that, once clicked the link may lead you to dangerous websites where your personal data is compromised. So, if you are getting any text like this, just delete it or contact your local garda station.

“Do not use reply or call the number supplied by these texts. Never give away personal data like PIN number, card numbers, passwords, one time codes, PPS numbers. The HSE will never text you seeking payment for Covid-19 tests or vaccines,” a Garda spokesperson said.

“If you have responded to such a text or paid the scammers, contact your bank immediately for a recall. It is also important to report the matter to your local Garda station,” they added.

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