Fears of further job cuts at Meta’s Irish operation

The social networking giant is expected to announce details of its most recent round of layoffs, raising concerns that more jobs may be lost at Meta’s Irish unit.

The parent company of Facebook is anticipated to notify employees of the layoffs later today.

The company’s staff would be reduced by about 10,000 individuals, according to a global announcement of job layoffs made in March by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

When he first announced the layoffs, he claimed that those in the recruiting department would be affected right away, with cutbacks to the company’s business groups and tech groups coming in late May and late April, respectively.

Around 50 jobs were lost in Ireland as a consequence of the recruiting division’s layoffs in March, while less than 20 jobs from Meta’s Irish data centre team were lost as a result of the tech groups’ announcement in April.

The number of employees in Ireland who may be affected by the business group layoffs announced today is expected to be significantly higher.

More than 300 people were laid off in Ireland as a result of the 11,000 job losses announced by Meta in November of last year.

Currently, the firm has over 2,600 employees in Ireland.

2023 has been designated the “Year of Efficiency” by Mr. Zuckerberg, who also promised to make Meta a leaner, more technologically oriented organisation.

“This will be tough and there’s no way around that,” he said in a memo staff at the time of the March layoffs announcement.

“It will mean saying goodbye to talented and passionate colleagues who have been part of our success. They’ve dedicated themselves to our mission and I’m personally grateful for all their efforts,” he added.

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