Food Safety Authority recalls King Oscar Sardines in Tomato Sauce due to presence of pesticide

A batch of King Oscar Sardines in Tomato Sauce is being recalled due to the presence of the unauthorised pesticide ethylene oxide. The Food Safety Authority if Ireland FSAI) has issued a notice for the recall and warned the presence of the pesticide in the additive locust bean gum (E410) used in its production.

Locust bean gum (E410) is an approved food additive in the EU. It is obtained from the seeds of the carob tree and is used as a thickener and stabiliser in a broad range of food products. 

Ethylene oxide is a pesticide that is not permitted for use in foods sold in the EU but is approved for use by other countries outside the EU. The consumption of foods containing ethylene oxide does not pose an acute risk to health, but there is an increased health risk if foods contaminated with ethylene oxide are consumed over a long period of time. Therefore, exposure to ethylene oxide needs to be minimised and contaminated product must be removed from the market.  Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores supplied with the implicated batch.

Recall details:

Product:King Oscar Sardines in Tomato Sauce; pack size: 106g
Batch Code:0000288938; best before 17/4/2024
Country Of Origin:Poland
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