Ground Control Announces 150 New Jobs in Ireland

Ground Control has announced a significant expansion in Ireland, creating 150 new jobs as part of a €5 million investment. The company, which currently employs 1,100 people across the UK and Ireland, provides various services including ground maintenance, pothole filling, winter snow removal, installation of solar and EV charging points, and arboriculture.

The new investment will see the establishment of Ground Control’s Irish headquarters in Dublin and the opening of a second office in Belfast. Job vacancies will be available not only in Northern Ireland but also across Ireland, offering opportunities for employment in diverse locations.

In addition to creating new jobs, Ground Control plans to partner with local small business owners, fostering community engagement and supporting local economies. This expansion aims to enhance the company’s service offerings while contributing to economic growth in the region.

The decision to expand in Ireland reflects Ground Control’s commitment to broadening its reach and enhancing its services, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support for its customers across the UK and Ireland.

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