Ireland Celebrates Daffodil Day On March 25 As ‘The Day We Take Back From Cancer’

Irish Cancer Society, a community of patients, survivors, volunteers, supporters, health and social care professionals, and researchers is dedicating March 25 as ‘Daffodil Day’. The tag line – ‘The day we take back from Cancer’.


The Irish Cancer Society was created on 10 October 1963 by Irish GP Austin Darragh. Prof Darragh was inspired to organize the Society, then known as the Conquer Cancer Campaign, after learning that 100 Irish people were dying each year from non-melanoma skin cancer, a disease that can be easily treated if found early. 

In,1963 they changed into the national cancer charity in Ireland, and in 1988 Prof Darragh led the first Daffodil Day in Ireland. This was inspired by the campaign in Canada supporting cancer research. The National Cancer Charity in Ireland provides information about cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and support. 

Daffodil Day has been held every year since and raises a large portion of the yearly funds required for the Society to carry out its mission.

The daffodil became the official logo of the Irish Cancer Society in 2001. Since then, the daffodil has become an international symbol for cancer and hope in the United States, Australia, Canada, and beyond.


A community determined to help anyone affected by cancer in Ireland, Irish Cancer Society provides free information, care, and support to cancer patients and their loved ones

They fund cancer research to find better treatments that will save more lives as well as work to keep cancer on the Government’s agenda, to make sure the Irish healthcare system functions as well as possible.

The help that is provided to cancer patients and their loved ones to support them through their diagnosis is tremendous.

Daffodils Day

By taking part in Daffodils Day, you are making a real, practical difference to thousands of cancer patients and their
families. Spurring on research and progress, keeping vital services available, supporting people along the way, and thus helping to take back from cancer.

Your support shows that no matter what cancer patients are going through; they don’t have to go through it alone.

Let this day be a starting and not an end to help those who are in need.

To know more about Irish Cancer Society, click here.

To know how you can help, read more about it here.

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