Irish Minister Jack Chambers’ selfie with Honey Rose breaks the internet, earns him overnight fame in India

Jithin Ram

In a whirlwind of excitement, Irish Transport Minister Jack Chambers took to Twitter to share a selfie with South Indian film star Honey Rose during the recently concluded MIND Mega Mela, a grand celebration embracing all Indians in Ireland. The post quickly gained traction and sparked a frenzy among fans and social media users alike.

The enchanting photograph captures the charismatic duo flashing radiant smiles, their eyes filled with shared excitement. Rose, clad in an elegant white saree paired with an off-shoulder blouse, exuded grace and beauty as she stood beside Minister Chambers.

Chambers captioned the photo with an expression of delight, saying, “A wonderful moment with the talented and enchanting Honey Rose at the MIND Mega Mela! Truly a highlight of the festival. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Honey! #MINDMegaMela #IrishIndianConnection.”

Within minutes of its upload, the tweet rapidly gained momentum, capturing the attention of social media users around the globe. The engagement was staggering, with thousands of likes and counting. Netizens couldn’t resist expressing their awe and admiration for the unlikely pairing, flooding the comments section with heartfelt messages and humorous remarks. 

One Twitter user, @FilmLover98, gushed, “What a delightful surprise to see Honey Rose and Minister Chambers together! This selfie just made my day. Both radiate charm and warmth. #IrishIndoors #HoneyRoseInIreland.”

Meanwhile, @Cinephile22 exclaimed, “OMG, I can’t believe Honey Rose is in Ireland! She’s such a phenomenal actress. Thank you, Minister Chambers, for giving us this incredible moment. #StarStruck #MalayalamMagic.” Another user, @IndoIrishFan, commented, “What an incredible photo! Minister Chambers, you’ve brought the Indian film industry and Ireland closer than ever! Hats off to you and Honey Rose!

Soon, Rose herself retweeted the photograph. Twitterati took notice, perhaps, that moment itself.. Twitter user @FilmBuff123, commented, “I can’t believe Honey Rose herself retweeted this! She’s a true gem and Ireland is lucky to have her. Can’t wait to see more collaborations in the future! #HoneyRoseInIreland.”

The impact of the selfie reached new heights when the star shared the post, further amplifying its visibility. The retweet garnered great traction, with fans pouring in their adoration and support for the collaboration between Ireland and the Indian film industry. Rose’s retweet has garnered thousands of likes and retweets, spreading the selfie’s charm across social media platforms.

Themed “The Great Indian Festival,” this year’s MIND Mega Mela welcomed around 8,000 eager attendees, including the prominent Malayalee community, to partake in a day filled with sports, dance, music, food and retail booths. The event took place at the Alsa Sports Center near Dublin Airport. The Kerala beauty and Fingal Mayor Councilor Howard Mahoney officially inaugurated the event, with Minister Chambers and Minister Thomas Byrne gracing the occasion as chief guests.

The selfie shared by Minister Chambers captures a special moment during the festival, where the vibrant energy of the event resonates with fans around the world. Rose’s presence at the MIND Mega Mela created a sense of awe among the attendees, drawing thousands of people to witness the opening ceremony. Her captivating speech, expressing her fondness for Ireland’s weather and her desire to stay longer, has already gone viral on social media.

Known for her captivating presence and heartfelt reflections, the actress has taken center stage at various opening ceremonies across Kerala, her home state. However, Rose is visiting Ireland for the first time and hence it marked a significant milestone, as she graced the MIND Mega Mela with her charm and glamour, becoming an unforgettable part of Ireland’s Indian community.

The MIND team, the organizers of the festival, attributed its resounding success to the support of generous sponsors, associations, dance schools and the entire Indian community in Ireland. The selfie shared by Minister Jack Chambers with the Malayalam movie star symbolizes the growing cultural exchange and the strengthening bond between Ireland and India, leaving fans eagerly anticipating future collaborations between the two nations. With the selfie continuing to dominate Twitter feeds and garnering an unprecedented number of likes, it seems the magic of this unexpected union between Minister Chambers and the Malayali beauty has captured the hearts of people worldwide. As the selfie craze intensifies, it remains to be seen if this remarkable moment will pave the way for further cultural collaborations and mesmerizing encounters in the future.

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