Job Opportunities In Ireland Show Mixed Trends For Indian Job Seekers

Dublin: Despite a slight dip in overall employment opportunities in Ireland, job prospects remain promising, especially in key sectors like IT, health, and hospitality, which are highly sought after by Indian job seekers.

Recent reports suggest a 9 percent decline in job opportunities compared to the same period last year, marking the first decrease in seven quarters. However, the job market still fares well compared to pre-Covid times.

The IT sector faces intense competition, with only one percent of vacancies available, while medical and healthcare roles have seen a six percent increase in job openings. Engineering and utility positions have also witnessed a 10 percent boost in opportunities.

On the downside, vacancies have decreased in manufacturing, HR, recruitment, retail, and hospitality. Nonetheless, the hospitality sector still dominates, accounting for 22 percent of job openings in the third quarter.

Despite the fluctuations, Ireland continues to offer diverse employment prospects for Indian job seekers, particularly in the thriving IT, health, and hospitality sectors.

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