New PM Simon Harris Pledges 250,000 Homes and Tax Relief

In a bold move addressing key concerns, Prime Minister-designate Simon Harris has outlined his ambitious agenda at the Fine Gael party’s annual conference. Leading with housing and tax reform, Harris pledged to construct 250,000 homes within the next five years and introduced tax relief for earners under €50,000.

Speaking before 2,000 delegates at the University of Galway, Harris emphasized the pressing need for housing solutions, promising to increase annual house builds to 50,000, up from the current target of 33,000. He also announced an extension of the Help to Buy scheme for five more years, aiming to support homebuyers.

Additionally, Harris addressed tax concerns, assuring that those earning below €50,000 annually will be exempt from higher income tax rates under a new tax scheme. This move is anticipated to alleviate financial burdens on lower-income individuals and families.

Harris also addressed foreign policy matters, expressing solidarity with Palestine and condemning Israel’s actions in Gaza. Furthermore, he promised domestic security enhancements, including the formation of a Dublin task force to prevent riots like those seen last November and proposed legislation to grant judges authority for longer prison sentences.

Simon Harris is set to be sworn in as Prime Minister during a parliamentary session on Tuesday, marking the beginning of his tenure with ambitious promises for national development and social welfare.

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