New Road Safety Measures Implemented in Dublin to Combat Rising Accident Rates

In a bid to tackle the escalating number of road accidents and fatalities in Ireland, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has introduced a new directive mandating all gardaí to engage in half-hour traffic road safety activities during each shift. The initiative, effective immediately, aims to enhance visibility and enforcement on busy roads.

Under the directive, Regional Assistant Commissioners will deploy uniformed officers for 30-minute patrols on high-traffic routes. Supervisors will ensure compliance, with exceptions granted for essential duties.

However, concerns have arisen regarding the unavailability of road accident data spanning the past six years due to GDPR constraints, hindering informed decision-making. Deputy Prime Minister Meehol Martin has established a specialist group to address this issue promptly, emphasizing the necessity of an evidence-based approach.

Labor leader Ivana Basik highlighted the urgency of resolving the data shortage, stressing its impact on road safety strategies amidst a concerning rise in fatalities. Justice Minister Helen McEnde underscored prevalent challenges including speeding, drink, and drug driving, alongside the persistent issue of uninsured vehicles on the roads.

Efforts to combat these issues include increased road checks by frontline gardaí and intensified scrutiny of vehicle compliance. With studies revealing a surge in dangerous driving behaviors, Road Safety Authority chair Liz O’Donnell advocated for the swift installation of speed cameras to deter infractions.

The implementation of these measures reflects a concerted effort by authorities to prioritize road safety and curb preventable accidents, signaling a proactive approach to safeguarding public well-being.

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