Passengers evacuated after bus catches fire in Maynooth

Passengers were evacuated off a bus after it burst into flames on a busy road on Tuesday.

The bus contained construction staff working on Intel’s Leixlip campus.

Two other buses from the same fleet helped to move passengers.

It happened on the R157 in Maynooth, Co Kildare at around 7 am on Tuesday, Dublin Live reported.

Intel confirmed that everyone was evacuated from the bus safely and no one was injured.

The bus is used to shuttle workers from offsite ‘park and ride facilities and is managed by Intel’s construction contractor.

A spokeswoman for Intel said: “There was a small fire this morning on one of the buses that are managed by our main construction contractor (they use these buses to shuttle people from offsite ‘park and ride’ facilities).

“Everyone was evacuated from the bus and there were no injuries. Two other buses from this construction fleet also stopped to assist with moving passengers etc.”

The site is currently undergoing a major “multi-year” expansion project that “will double the available manufacturing space in Ireland”. More than 4,500 currently work at Intel’s Leixlip campus.

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