Sport Ireland wants to know your responses on their Diversity and Inclusion Policy. Attend the survey and cast your thoughts

Sports are always loved by many people and it also adds to the economic as well as social bond and makes an integrated society. Even though there are many areas where discrimination is still practised in sports, the inclusion and diversity prospect will make sports free from certain inhumane practices.

Sport Ireland has decided to conduct a survey in order to know the responses of the public on the Diversity and Inclusion Policy. The survey aims to find out more ideas and suggestions that Sport Ireland and its funded organizations should take in promoting the inclusion and respect the diversity in the field of sports and physical activities. Sport Ireland and Minister Catherine Martin requests people to take part in the survey and let them go far ahead in their dedicated idea.

Sport Ireland focuses mainly on the responses by LGBTI+ communities, disabled people and ethnic communities. The voices of the so called oppressed communities should be heard loud which may change the whole complexion of the thought process.

The decision to participate in the survey rests up on the people itself i,e. participation is not mandatory and you can stop answering the questionnaire any time.

To take part in the survey click

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