Tony MacMahon, the face of Irish traditional music dies at 82

The face of Irish traditional music Tony MacMahon has died. The 2-year-old was famous throughout the country for his music as well as his skill over accordion playing.

President Michael D Higgins gave tribute to the legendary musician and said,

“McMahon was one of Ireland’s iconic presences among musicians.” in a statement.

He said Mr MacMahon brought “to performance in so many forms, places and venues the talent of a maestro. To hear him play Port Na bPúcai, for example, was to feel transported into another world.

“His commitment to traditional music and to the friendship of his fellow musicians was full of integrity.”

McMahon was born in Ennis, Co Clare and conducted many programmes like The Long Note, The Pure Drop, and The Green Linnet with RTE.

Martin Hayes, another great musician in the country wrote,

“For me he will always be one of the truly great musicians of all time. He encouraged and inspired me from a very young age. Traditional Irish music has lost a giant figure.”

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