Application invited for graduates for Internship Scheme in European Union Institutions

Funding of €1.288m has been announced by the Government for the expansion of the highly successful Internship Scheme in European Union Institutions for 2022-2025.

The internship scheme, which commenced in 2018 with the intention of providing opportunities for graduates to acquire work placements in the specialised subject field of translation and proofreading, has now been expanded to include conference interpreters.

The expanded scheme will include the appointment of up to four interpreter interns who will undertake work experience in the autumn. An allowance of €2,000 per month will be made available for the internships for a period of six months – two months language placement and four months intensive training in the Directorate-General for Interpretation in the European Commission. Funding of up to €322,000 has been approved annually for the internship scheme over a four-year period.

The interns will spend two months improving their weakest language in a general working environment and will spend a further four months receiving specific interpreting training in DG Interpretation (SCIC) in the European Commission in Brussels.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications will be accepted from graduates with the following:

• Citizenship of an EU Member State

• A third level qualification at level 8, at a minimum

• An excellent command of Irish

• An undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in conference interpreting

Required language profile to partake in the internship scheme

Profiles of ACC (English A, French C, Irish C) in addition to another language or languages at level C will be considered as well as profile ABC (English A, Irish B, French C).

Deadline for applications

The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, 5 August 2022 at 12 noon. The deadline shall be strictly adhered to. The Department may shortlist, if necessary. Applicants will be interviewed and interpreting skills will also be assessed during interview. Please forward applications to

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