First-Ever All Europe Tug of War Competition Coming to Drogheda, Ireland

Drogheda, Ireland – In a historic event set against the backdrop of the River Boyne’s storied past, Drogheda gears up to host the inaugural All Europe Tug of War Competition. Scheduled for Saturday, October 5th, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, this event promises a day of spirited competition and cultural celebration.

Jointly organized by the Drogheda Indian Association (DMA) and the Royal Club Drogheda, the competition will feature robust teams weighing in at 595 kg, each comprising seven members from various European countries. Held in Drogheda, a quaint town steeped in history and renowned for its ancient battles, the competition marks a significant milestone for both the town and the sport.

Accompanying the tug-of-war spectacle will be an Indian food fest and children’s entertainment programs, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere for all attendees. Notably, Finance Choice and Delicia Catering are co-sponsors, with Viswas Foods headlining as the main sponsor and Bluechip and Breffni Solutions joining as power sponsors.

Generous prizes await the victors, with the top team clinching the coveted 2024 Euro and Gold Cup, followed by 1001 Euro and a Silver Cup for the second-place finishers, and 501 Euro and a Bronze Cup for the third-place team.

In addition to fostering sporting camaraderie, the organizers are rallying support for a noble cause, with proceeds benefiting the Irish Cancer Society. The Joint Organizing Committee, spearheaded by dedicated individuals, is tirelessly working to ensure the success of this landmark event.

For those eager to participate or seeking further information, registration and inquiries can be directed to the following contacts: Jithin at +353 85 759 8893, Emi at +353 89 211 5979, Vishal at +353 89 227 9618, and Yesudas at +353 87 311 2546.

As anticipation builds, Drogheda awaits the thrill of witnessing history in the making at the All Europe Tug of War Competition.

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