Indian man claims to have taken 12 doses of COVID jabs, says ‘body pain relieved to great extent’

A man in India got jabbed with a Covid-19 vaccine at least eight times last year, a health official said.

Eighty-four-year-old Brahmadev Mandal, has claimed that he received 12 doses of the vaccine in Bihar state. The retired postman said the jabs had helped him to get rid of aches and pains and “stay healthy”. He claimed he had not suffered any adverse effects.

He received his 12th COVID-19 vaccine shot on January 4 this year and talked about it to his friend who, according to Brahmadev, relayed this to a journalist friend.

Brahmadev claimed that he got his first vaccine in February last year. The gap between his shots, he claimed, varied from two months to two days.

 “My joint pain cured due to vaccines”

Brahmadev has some bizarre reasons for wanting to get 12 vaccines. He told to a news agency, “I had been facing joint and body pain for eight years. When I visited doctors, they told me that a lack of calcium is causing the pain. I took medicines but in vain.”

“I got the first dose of the vaccine on February 13 last year and the second dose the next month. Then I realised that my joint and body pain is gone. I thought that COVID-19 vaccines have worked. My appetite also increased,” he said.

“That is why I decided to take more vaccines, as it was improving my health.”

After that, wherever he got a chance, Brahmadev took a vaccine.

 “Whenever the data entry person at the vaccination centres would ask me if I have got the vaccines earlier, I categorically denied it and took a jab,” he said.

Epidemiologist and former health and nutrition specialist, UNICEF, India, Antony Kollannur said, “No research has been conducted so far on other health benefits of COVID-19 vaccines anywhere in the world. Only research around vaccination has been done to know about antibody development, so there is no scientific basis for such claims.”

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