Jobseekers have to collect their allowances from post offices from now on, Minister announces change

The jobseekers will have to collect their allowances from post offices like before as the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. The Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys announced the change today and it initially apply to all new jobseeker applicants, before being extended to other jobseekers over the coming months.

According to the Minister, the change will help the branches to do more business as well as it will reduce social welfare frauds. The individuals have to present themselves at the branch to receive the payment.

It was back in 2020 an option to transfer the payment to bank accounts introduced as part of a strategy to stop the spread of Covid. But many ineligible people used this to avail payment.

“It also has another advantage in terms of people have to come in and present. We have heard media reports and we know of instances where people were collecting their payment and weren’t actually in the country. “ Minister said.

However, she said the ‘majority’ of people who receive social welfare payments deserve it.

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