90 Minute Fare Scheme launched in Dublin; People can now travel in different public transports on single fare

Travel for Ireland’s (TFI) 90 minute fare scheme has started rolling out in Dublin on Sunday. It allows passengers to transfer between Dublin Bus, Luas, and most Dart, commuter train and Go-Ahead Ireland services for just a single fare charge if the transfers are made within 90 minutes of the initial payment.

The fare for adults and students using TFI Leap Card will be €2.30. This offer is valid until the end of March 2022 as part of promotional period. Children under 18 (including 18) will have a flat discount of 80% of the fare. Later the period, the fare may change accordingly.

The move is seen as a strategy to attract more people to public transport system which will be beneficial in reducing emission from private vehicles. The plan will be most useful for passengers who travel with multiple purposes within a short amount of time.

A new short adult leap fare, €1.60 for single trips up to 3km, has also been introduced which the NTA states will “enable 40 per cent more passengers to travel slightly further in the new structure”.

“Any journeys beyond this distance or involving transfers between services that take place within 90 minutes of the start, will be charged at the TFI 90 Minute fare,” the authority said.

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