Dr.George Lesli –The Indian GP is a social activist and an expert story teller.

The Indian born Dr.Leslie George  from Kerala has lot to express through different medium. He is a poet, traveller , docufiction director, social activist and most importantly an Indian GP  passed out from RCSI.

Spent his childhood in Thrissur the cultural capital of Kerala  and never missed an opportunity to attend  the most  celebrated Pooram. This year pandemic put a pause to it, but Dr.lesli was occupied with helping the needy during the pandemic in Ireland. This Pandemic year doctor was very determined to celebrate the Positive Aging Week in an engaging manner. Visiting nursing homes are always part of his work, but this year was special for him taking extra time and effort to spend with the elderly.

Prior to pandemic Mr.Leslie  regularly visits the old age homes across the district and  find lot of satisfaction in chatting  with the aged citizens. Doctor always  educate , it is important for all of us to think about future when considering the elderly people  as “they are us and one day we will become them”.

After graduating in Medicine from Thrissur medical college, Dr.Leslie got opportunity to work in Oman for  more than a decade and then reached  Ireland in 1998. His interest in different cultures makes him a docufiction expert and many of his  creations are published in various publishing houses like Manorama, Mathrubhoomi ,Sancharam TV ,Current books etc in India.

 Mr.Leslie is a great story telling doctor and has collections from his real life experiences. He is mostly interested with “Destination Research “of places he visits and creates story from his interaction with the natives .

Irish –Indians can always count on him to get more insights into great Irish culture and its history

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