EU Considers Ending Lifetime Driving Licenses to Curb Accidents, France in Opposition

In a bid to tackle the rising number of traffic accidents, the European Union contemplates abandoning lifetime driving licenses. The proposal, part of the European Road Safety Strategy, aims to reduce road fatalities and injuries by 50% by 2030, ultimately striving for deathless roads by 2050. The draft law, subject to further discussion after the June European elections, suggests mandatory medical examinations every 15 years for car and motorcycle drivers, and every five years for bus and truck users. Italy and Portugal already enforce similar tests at certain ages, but the proposal faces strong opposition in France.

Tennis star and Paralympian, Pauline Deroulade, supports the change, recounting a 2018 incident where a 90-year-old mistakenly accelerated, causing severe harm. The proposed legislation also advocates for free and straightforward medical examinations, emphasizing vision, hearing, and reflex checks for license issuance. Additionally, the EU plans to introduce digital driving licenses accessible via smartphones to enhance road safety.

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