Fáilte Ireland’s- Operational guidelines in advance of re-opening of indoor hospitality

Fáilte Ireland has this evening issued draft operational guidelines for the hospitality industry in advance of the re-opening of indoor hospitality on Monday, July 26th 2021. The operational guidelines have been developed by Government officials and Fáilte Ireland in consultation with the hospitality representative bodies.

The guidelines provide information and guidance on the systems and protective measures that must be implemented in accordance with public health advice and legislation underpinning this phase of the re-opening of indoor hospitality.The guidelines will provide practical guidance for the safe reopening of indoor hospitality while also helping to instil public confidence in the safety of businesses.

While businesses providing indoor hospitality are being asked to implement and adhere to specified protective measures, so too must customers who are availing of indoor hospitality to ensure a safe environment for all.

The key element of this guidance is that reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that no person, other than a ‘permitted person’, is admitted to relevant indoor premises. Permitted persons are those with acceptable proof of immunity or children under 18 in their care.

Please find the guidance for Indoor Hospitality for all the information you need to understand the regulations around indoor hospitality below

Customers may also be asked to present a photo ID to show that the proof of immunity relates to them.Fáilte Ireland’s sector operational guidelines are updated in line with the Health (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2021.

Jenny De Saulles, Director of Sector Development at Fáilte Ireland said the new guidelines are a ‘critical part in helping tourism businesses safely re-open for indoor hospitality’

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