Global temperature will increase 1.5C by 2040, warns UN report

The global temperature will increase 1.5C within next two decades even in the best case scenario, warned the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) convened by the United Nations. The report prepared by 234 authors also urged the countries to take necessary actions as soon as possible.

As a result of global temperature increase by 2040, global warming will enter a critical zone, the report says. It will cause extreme weather conditions including unpredictable wildfire and flooding like those occurred recently in European countries. There will be increased threats from drought, heavy rainfall and heatwaves too.

The current emission level can cause an increase of 2C of warming, the report warns. So the scientists urge rapid reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and to keep warming below 1.5C.

Even after IPCC’s 2013 report, no much actions were taken to reduce the threat, the scientists said. Now the climate change is happening all over the globe in a very concerning level. The report also blames carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and methane from agriculture, oil and gas mainly for the increased warming. As a result of this, ice sheet melting and sea level rise will also pose danger to life.

The report comes amid Greece and Turkey face huge wildfires and evacuation of public in the recent days. Last month Germany and Belgium were torn apart by heavy flooding too.

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