Ireland to receive 195 refugees from the Taliban captured Afghanistan

Ireland will issue 195 humanitarian visas to refugees from Afghanistan, the Irish government confirmed. The government had already announced 45 visas to refugees amid the Taliban attacks and ravaging power in Afghanistan but yesterday the officials said that 150 additional visas will be issued along with them under the Irish Refugee Protection Programme (IRPP).

The prioritised people for humanitarian visas will be human rights activists, as well as those working with NGOs and European and international organisations. Ireland has also condemned the attacks and violence in Afghanistan and called for emergency intervention of UN agencies and humanitarian partners in the issue.

As per the reports, the Taliban have seized Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan and the President Ashraf Ghani has fled from the country. Many people including natives are reaching the airport in Kabul to escape from the Taliban terrorists, whose ruling earlier brough huge sufferings especially to women and girls in the country. Ireland also expressed its concern over the safety of women in Afghanistan.

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