Would you like to experience the rich Kerala culture by having ONAM SADHYA with 23 delicious dishes in Dublin

Onam is the native festival of Kerala, the southern state of India. It is celebrated in the beginning of each native calendar year with flowers being the most common symbol. According to epics, Onam is rememorizing the enriching dynasty of Mahabali, an ancient king in Kerala. This year Onam day falls on Saturday, 21st of August.

Onam is a festival of food too. ‘Onam Sadhya‘ is an inevitable part of the celebration where a variety of delicious dishes are served on banana leaf along with rice. Here in Dublin, we are bringing you the native taste of Kerala and welcoming you to experience the rich Kerala culture during this celebration. The feast will have 23 various dishes which let your taste buds experience with their full joy.

Holy Grail Restaurant and Aliyan’s Kitchen, the experts in Kerala dishes are behind this venture and we hope each of you, regardless of the culture and country will participate in this celebration of love.

The price for 2 Onam Sadhyas is 40 euros and for 4 of them it’s only 75 euros. There will be no delivery charges. The delivery will be available all over Dublin, Naas, Celbridge, Maynooth, Finglas and Santry at your door step, wherever you are. Our delivery men will bring the specially packed Onam Sadhya on 21st of August between 11am and 2.30pm. The orders will be accepted until August 19.

For orders please contact:

+353 89 211 3987
+353 87 055 7783
+353 89 250 5509
+353 89 247 3535
+353 89 985 7304

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