Munster Nursing Home fails in all sectors as Hiqa felt awful in the Inspections Conducted

Hiqa was literally wonderstruck when they found everything awful while inspecting Munster nursing home and gave a awful inspection report to the same. They found that no clear management structure was in place as the inspectors came in for inspection without notice at Cahercalla Community Hospital on 20th January.

The management in the time of the outbreak of Covid 19 was poor and unorganised. There were no social distancing and the approach of the staff was harsh and unfriendly to the patients.

The health department had asked for urgent action plans to make all improper practices normal and also issued them with a written warning. The inspectors had reported to the Hiqa that the staffs in the nursing centre are not following the basic Covid 19 rules like wearing masks and PPE kits. No social distancing is being practiced.

The staffs had not indentified people with Covid symptoms and therefore no tests was done. The nursing home explained that they will be took over by Mowlam Healthcare Services and thus a well defined and maintained management system will be added. New experienced and qualified personnel is being added to their medical squad.

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