New sculpture unveiled for Kildonan Park in Ballymun

A new sculpture for the Kildonan Park in Ballymun has been unveiled in an online ceremony on Friday. The sculpture was created by artist Sara Cunningham-Bell and expected to be installed by November.

Sara Cunning was commissioned for the work following a two stage competition conducted earlier in 2021. After the completion she is now setting up meetings and workshops with the public for feedbacks and opinions on the sculpture. The project is part of the Sculpture Dublin, a Dublin City Council initiative.

Fianna Fáil Councillor for Finglas- Ballymun Keith Connolly welcomed the sculpture saying,

“It adds something new to the area and should work well with the overall development of the park in the coming years. The sculpture will become a focal point in years to come.

“The top part of the sculpture represents the river Fionn Glas/ Clear stream and is made of polished stainless steel which is reflective. There are various people represented in the two figures each showing the diverse past, present and future of Finglas.” he added.

Members of the public are invited to submit a name for the sculpture by October 15 by visiting or the Finglas Library.

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