Northern Irish climber dies after scaling Himalayan peak, Indian climber missing

Noel Hanna, a well-known climber from Northern Ireland, died after coming down from the top of the tenth-highest mountain in the world. An Indian climber is also missing on the same mountain, according to climbing officials.

Mr Hanna, who had climbed Mount Everest ten times, scaled the 8,091 metre-high Annapurna peak in west Nepal yesterday. He died overnight in Camp IV after descending from the peak.

The circumstances behind Mr. Hanna’s death are unknown, according to Yubaraj Khatiwada, an official of the Department of Tourism.

He said that since Monday, a climber from India who had fallen into a crevasse on the lower parts of Annapurna had been missing.

Officials from the hiking firm reported that two more Indian mountaineers who were stuck in terrible weather while scaling Annapurna were in the process of being rescued.

Annapurna peak in west Nepal, first climbed by Maurice Herzog of France in the early 1950s, is considered dangerous because of the risk of frequent avalanches.

The possibility of regular avalanches makes the west Nepali peak of Annapurna, which was first scaled by Frenchman Maurice Herzog in the early 1950s, perilous.

Annapurna has been climbed by at least 365 individuals, and over 72 of them have perished there, according to hiking officials.

Three Nepali sherpa climbers perished last week after being struck by an ice serac on Mount Everest’s lower slopes.

Eight of the top 14 mountains in the world are located in Nepal.

Adventure sports like mountain climbing and trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas are popular activities and a source of money and employment for the nation, which is sandwiched between China and India.

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