Omicron will be infected over half of Europeans in weeks: WHO

WHO’s top Europe official said more than 50% of continent’s population will get infected with coronavirus variant within the next six to eight weeks.

There were more than 7 million new cases of the omicron variant of COVID-19 across Europe in the first week of January, more than doubling in just two weeks, the World Health Organisation said.

WHO Europe director Dr Hans Kluge said at a media briefing on Tuesday that 26 countries in its region reported that more than 1% of their populations are being infected with COVID-19 each week, warning there is now a closing window of opportunity for countries to prevent their health systems from being overwhelmed.

Omicron moves faster and wider than any (previous) variant we have seen, Dr.Kluge said. He called for countries to mandate the use of masks indoors and to prioritize vaccination, including booster doses, of at-risk populations, including health workers and older people.

Kluge said he was greatly concerned that as omicron moves east across the European continent, the variant will take a much higher toll on countries with lower vaccination coverage rates. In Denmark, he noted the coronavirus hospitalization rate was six times higher in people who weren’t vaccinated compared to those who had been immunized.

Dr.Kluge recommended  lockdowns and mandatory vaccines should be “tools of the very last resort”.

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