White Moose Cafe closes as Charleville Lodge gets new owners

The White Moose Cafe owner Paul Stenson has marked the ‘end of an era’, announcing the sale of his family business Charleville Lodge.

The ownership of Charleville Lodge will change on January 31, according to Dublin Live, as Mr. Stenson revealed in an emotional post on social media. He and his parents were given “an offer they couldn’t refuse” several months ago.

The White Moose headquarters in Phibsborough is currently looking for a new location as the new owners have “no interest” in keeping a café, he continued. At this time in my life, I believe that my days of working in the food industry are over, Mr. Stenson said.

‘I was never really cut out for working in hospitality. My strengths are in entertainment/writing/acting the clown,’ he continued.

‘As such, I am willing to sell the White Moose brand to anyone mad enough to carry it on. I will only sell it to someone who will be able to continue the White Moose story well into the future and keep our customers smiling.’

Mr Stenson finished by thanking all the supporters who have supported the business: ‘There are so many people that I’d like to thank for making Charleville Lodge / White Moose Café the success that it is, but the word count won’t allow me.’

‘I am grateful to every customer who walked in our door. Even the vegans, the gluten intolerant and the review writers (the bloggers can still p**s off).’

He concluded the post by adding; ‘Thank you to every staff member, even those of you who thought I was a right b****x, for your incredible service and loyalty. Thank you to my ex partner (in crime) Jason for setting up the White Moose with me. Most importantly, thank you to Mom and Dad for giving me a platform to create a name for myself.’

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