At least five people killed in explosions near Kabul airport

At least five people killed following two explosions near Hamid Karzai airport in Kabul today afternoon. Meanwhile the Taliban and Russian Foreign Ministry reported 13 deaths and 15 injuries. There were fears that terrorist attack would take place near airport in the wake of Taliban’s deadline to complete evacuations by August 31.

The warning was that another terrorist group, the Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) would attack civilians and foreigners. But it is not clear whether the same group is behind the explosion. The IS-K is said to be at odds with the Taliban.

There were two explosions near the airport this afternoon according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. One was at the Abbey Gate near the airport and the other one was near the Baron Hotel, just 200 metres away from the Abbey Gate. Many foreign nationals stay in this hotel since the evacuation began on August 14.

Earlier US President Joe Biden had confirmed there would be no extension of deadline beyond August 31. But many European countries including Germany had pointed out this as impractical. There were reports that the Irish team consisting of Army Rangers and diplomats sent to help evacuation would flee Afghanistan sooner than expected amid attack warnings.

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