Irish health experts warns the public on the high transmissibility of new variant Covid 19 virus

The new variant of Covid 19 virus is a great threat to the health departments all over the world. Irish health express said that the mutations happened at certain protein spikes in the virus may make it more powerful against the vaccines which are being distributed currently.

Dr Gerard Barry, assistant professor of Virology at UCD said that “the mutated variant will have higher potential and transmissibility which could even reduce the effect of vaccines”. The scientists are studying the ability of antibodies in neutralizing the effect of the new variant.

Dr Barry affirms that the Covid 19 virus will have more and more mutations but it hasn’t gained it’s full potential to infect more and more people. This is a serious issue to be concerned about. The only way to keep the emergence of mutation versions low is to stay safe and never provide a body for the virus to multiply.

The vaccine producers are in serious thought process on defending the new variant by making more specific and powerful vaccines.

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