All adults living in Ireland are now able to register for a COVID-19 vaccine

All adults living in Ireland can register for their COVID-19 vaccine from today. This invitation includes all people aged 18-24, including those within this age range who may be in another vaccine allocation group and are not yet vaccinated.

The quickest and easiest way to register is online with a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, Eircode, a mobile phone number and an email address. Alternatively, people can call HSELive on 1800 700 700 to register on the phone. People who don’t have a PPSN can also be vaccinated and can register on the phone with HSElive. Once successfully registered, we will send people their appointment details by text message. People who register will be given an appointment at a HSE vaccination centre.

Vaccine options for people aged 18-34

The mRNA vaccines are the recommended vaccines for everyone under the age of 50. These are the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Everyone registering online will be offered an appointment for one of these vaccines.

When registering, people aged 18-34 can also choose to opt for a viral vector vaccine, the AstraZeneca vaccine, as this may become available earlier than an mRNA vaccine. People opting in may be offered an earlier appointment because a supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine may be available before the mRNA vaccine.Your appointment text will let you know which vaccine is being offered.

People aged 18-34 can also choose to get a Janssen vaccine at a participating pharmacy, depending on supplies. The Janssen vaccine is a viral vector vaccine. People aged 18-34 who are already registered with a pharmacy and waiting for an appointment should also register on now. Depending on vaccine supplies over the coming weeks, you may be offered an appointment for either an AstraZeneca vaccine, or the recommended mRNA vaccines, earlier than at the pharmacy.

Online consent

People who register and are scheduled for a vaccination at a HSE Vaccination Centre will also receive an SMS with a link which allows them to give consent to accept their allocated vaccine online, before they attend for their vaccination. The text message includes a link to further information on their vaccine, as well as a link to answer some medical questions and give consent. This step is designed to make it as simple and quick as possible for people to get their vaccine.  

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